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This is a work in progress: all additions and corrections, especially of lesbian and Maori history, are welcome (but no promises of quick updating!).


PART 1 - Wairaka to Stonewall and NZ Gay Liberation (14th Century - 1971)


PART 2 - Gay Liberation to the Freer Amendment (1971-9)


PART 3 - The Freer Amendment to AIDS (1979-81)


PART 4 - AIDS to Homosexual Law Reform (1981-6)


PART 5 - Law Reform (July 9, 1986) to the present


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Aversion "Therapy"

The "Moyle Affair"

Homosexual Law Reform

HIV/AIDS in New Zealand


 Thanks to Phil Parkinson and Roger Swanson of LAGANZ, Bill Logan, Alison J. Laurie, David Bisman, and many others.

Much of the lesbian material 1962-85 is adapted with thanks from "Out Front - lesbian political activity in Aotearoa, 1962 to 1985" by Julie Glamuzina (Lesbian Press, 18 Margaret St, Mangawhai Heads, RD 2 Kaiwaka, 1993) ISBN 0-473-02011-4.


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